Rout in the Right Direction

posted 6/13/2018 in Kreg Tool Tips: Routing by Kreg Tool

How To Rout in the Right Direction

When people are beginning to use a router, there’s a question that always comes up: Which direction should I move the router?

The rule is that you always need to push the router against the direction that the bit rotates. Here’s a simple rule that will always show you how to do that when you are routing edges.

WATCH: How To Rout in the Right Direction

Just place your right hand along the edge you want to rout. Point your thumb at the edge, and extend your forefinger. That finger shows the way you should move the router.

By using this simple rule any time you are using a handheld router on an edge, you’ll ensure that you can cut safely, with control, and get great results.

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