Sharp Drill Bits Ensure Clean Pocket Holes

posted 7/18/2016 in Kreg Tool Tips: Joining by Kreg Tool Company

Kreg Drill Bit Sharpening Service

Anyone who builds with Kreg Joinery appreciates cleanly-drilled pocket holes, with minimal (if any) tear-out and attractive outward appearance. Fortunately, the ability to drill clean pocket holes is not a skill that you acquire—but rather something that you can easily control by keeping your drill bits sharp. 

If you can't physically tell that your drill bits are dulling, you will be able to tell by the way they perform. If your pocket holes are getting harder to drill or your drill bit gets excessively hot during operation, it may be time to get your drill bit(s) professionally sharpened. Luckily, the professionals at Kreg are here to help you out. We offer an in-house drill bit sharpening service.

You can also pick up new Kreg drill bits at your local Kreg Dealer, or order them online

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