Screw Material Matters

posted 10/20/2015 in Kreg Tool Tips: Joining by Kreg Tool Company

Probably the most-commonly overlooked factor when it comes to deciding which screw is best for a specific task, is the material it’s made from. Here are some general guidelines:

Zinc Screws

 Blue-Kote Screws

For projects that will stay indoors, go with standard pocket screws. Zinc Screws provide rust protection, and are well-suited for indoor projects of all types that won’t be exposed to excessive moisture.

For outdoor projects, you’ll need a screw with an anti-corrosion coating. Blue-Kote Screws provide three anti-corrosion layers, amazing rust resistance, and they work with pressure-treated material.

Stainless Steel Screws

Heavy-Duty Screws

If you want maximum durability, choose stainless steel screws. These are great for use in pressure-treated lumber, or if your project will be exposed to harsh elements outdoors.

If you’re building projects using 2x and bigger stock, Kreg HD Screws are a great choice. They’re made exclusively for use with 11/2" and thicker stock, and are coated to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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