How to Set Your Kreg Jig® Drill Guide

posted 5/19/2015 in Kreg Tool Tips: Joining by Kreg Tool Company

Drill Guide Setting

Once you have your project pieces cut correctly, you need to set up your Kreg Jig® to drill pocket holes in the proper position. Thankfully, the process is easy. Start by adjusting the Drill Guide Block (or the Positioning Sliders on the Kreg Jig® R3) based on the thickness of the wood you are using. The thickness settings are clearly marked, and the setup is explained in your owner’s manual. Just remember that you need to use the actual thickness of your wood, not the nominal thickness. For example, a 2x4 board has an actual thickness of 11/2". More on that here.

For the strongest joint possible, the screw should exit at the center of the workpiece. To adjust the pocket-hole position, retract the spring-loaded locking pin (H). Then, raise or lower the Drill Guide (G) until the mark on its side (the one that matches the thickness of your workpiece) is even with the top of the guide socket (B). Release the locking pin to secure the Drill Guide in place. 
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