Put Your "Best Face" Downward

posted 8/11/2015 in Kreg Tool Tips: Cutting & Measuring by Kreg Tool Company

When a circular saw cuts, the leading edge of the blade spins upward into the material. This means that the blade enters the workpiece on the bottom face of the material, and it exits on the top face. It's on this face, where the blade exits, that tearout can occur. 

So, when you cut with a circular saw, lay your plywood so that the best-looking face, or the face that will show the most on your final project, is facing down. That way, any tear out that does occur will be on the less-desirable or less-visible face. 

When it's time to start cutting, the Rip-Cut™ speeds and simplifies the process. Maintaining a straight cut is easy with the Rip-Cut™ guide rail and arm following the edge of your workpiece as you guide the saw forward. 

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