Recent News

  • February 2018 Kreg Plus

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 2/6/2018
    When you need to cut plywood and other large sheets down to size, you’ll want a reliable way to make long, straight cuts. An easy way to do this is with a saw guide. We discuss two great options this month in Kreg Plus.
  • Kreg Cares Donates $100,000 to Local Regional Academy

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 1/25/2018
    Kreg Cares recently donated $100,000 to Central Campus in Des Moines, Iowa. Central Campus offers unique academic and career opportunities to high school students, including skilled trades programs.
  • January 2018 Kreg Plus

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 1/4/2018
    Kreg Screws are engineered with unique features that ensure they’ll provide the best possible results in Kreg pocket-hole joinery. In this edition of Kreg Plus, we’ll take a closer look at those features to understand how it works.
  • December 2017 Kreg Plus

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 12/7/2017
    Frame-and-panel doors add an attractive, professional look to any project. You might think you need a lot of fancy woodworking tools and techniques to create them, but we'll show you how you can make them using DIY tools.
  • Accu-Cut Voted Accessory of the Year

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 12/5/2017
    We are pleased to announce that the Accu-Cut has been voted Accessory of the Year in the 2nd Annual Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Tool of the Year Awards.